Jealousy can be a good thing, right? Not all of us are into the Austin band Spoon, but those of us who are REALLY love Spoon. And Monday night they blew us away at Center Stage, performing stuff from at least four albums with fire and precision (a rare combination). They always seem to produce maximum rock with minimal effort, and for that we are truly grateful. And on Monday they also brought along their own sound guy to perform dubby freakout delay action on the vocals and keys, which was the perfect addition to their stripped-down rock. Man, are we jealous.

In news that's actually about us, we're happy to report that we got some more press for our recent Dunch show, from the good folks at Evil Sponge. Those guys are great, despite being evil.

But don't start thinking we're just a quiet, droney daytime band! We're still gonna bring the rock this Saturday at the Star Bar, along with old friends Long Knives and a band called Imagination Head. We're headlining, but that's no reason you shouldn't be there early. And if you're checking out "Record Store Day" at Criminal Records across the street, you can just wander on over afterward - sounds like a glorious day of rock to us!

Finally, just in case you forgot how awesome we are when we turn up the volume, check out everybody's favorite Jupiter Watts song from our last Earl show:

Nothing at All (Live at the Earl, 1/19/08).

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