almost there.

Yep, we're just about to play our first show in quite a while - finally! We know you've been waiting with bated breath, so be sure to come out Sunday to the Earl for Dunch - we should play one set around 1:00pm and another around 2:30. We'll be playing a number of new things in a new configuration, so it should be fresh and exciting for all. Just to keep you entertained until then, here's a couple of Jupiter Watts tunes from Ramon's recent solo show at Kavarna; he's accompanied by our good fried Hutch from Cadillac Jones on standup bass. Thanks to Hutch and Gary for the recording.

the target.

nothing at all.


jupiter watts go multimedia.

Man, we're really slack about updating this thing - but look for several new posts in the next couple of weeks. We've got to get you hyped for our upcoming Dunch show at the Earl, right? Don't forget: March 1, 1:00pm. Until then, keep yourselves entertained with our first foray into video, lovingly crafted by our very own Ramon "the Domingo" Wals: