domingo cinco.

Thanks to all who came out to the Star Bar - we had a great time, and we sure hope you did, too. In fact, we think you've earned a special treat, so we're putting up two more songs.

Actually, it's really just one long jam that we chopped up into two parts for the sake of bearableness (bearability?). You know, to make it more bearable. And also to make it more mysterious as to how we got from point A to point B (trust us, you'll see what we mean). So anyway, they aren't really "songs" per se, but they are new - we just did them last Thursday. They were recorded in the space, of course, and with a skeleton crew. We will not attempt to describe their sound.

Here ya go:

you can see yourself [part one]

you can see yourself [part two]

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indietodd said...

Glad I FINALLY got to see a Jupiter Watts live set! You guys sounded fuckin' great! The new stuff, despite being unfinished, sounded really good. Always good talkin' with you fellas...Ramon, if you do find that "free" Radiohead ticket, you should come check out the show with us, The Liars are so gonna kill!! Kevin...yes, the Long Knives were indeed good, I'll have to check out some more of their stuff. James, thanks for the guest list spot, hopefully I'll get a chance to see another live set soon. Peace, Todd.