August 26 - Highland Inn Ballroom

Jupiter Watts play this Friday night, August 26 at the Highland Inn Ballroom in Poncey-Highland, along with our dear friends Polar Dunes (ex-Luigi, ex-Silent Kids) and fellow Two Sheds artist Virginia Plane. Show starts 9 pm, razor sharp. Come say hi.

PS: Pictured on the left ... an actual polar dune!


Available Across the Universe

Take Time is now available through finer online sources, including iTunes, Amazon and eMusic. If you don't yet have the record, please visit one of these fine online stores to download it. Or, if you want the record in all of its vinyl glory, you may order it directly from our label, Two Sheds Music.


A New Pic!

A Jupiter Watts photo session is a relatively rare occurence. Comes around slightly more often than, say, Halley's Comet, but less often than, say, the Olympics and presidential elections. The last time we actually organized ourselves to take photos was February 2007. We just did it again recently, with the talented Adam Davila. Here's a sample of his handiwork.

And, by the way, we release our new album next week. Release show is Saturday, April 23 at The Earl. See you then.



Here's the poster for our April 23 album release show at The Earl: Artwork courtesy of Harrison Keys. Design courtesy of Jenny Smith. See you soon! Besos, JW


Take Time - Ready to Launch

We are happy to say that our new album, "Take Time," will be released next month on the fine Two Sheds Music label. Here's an image of the cover art, by Atlanta artist Harrison Keys:

The release show is scheduled for Saturday, April 23 at The Earl in Atlanta. Opening acts will be What Happened to Your Fire, Tiger and Spirits ...

More news to come soon ....


Two Zero One One

A new year. Wheels grinding into motion. A new Jupiter Watts album, as yet untitled, to be released this Spring. Here's a link to a little number from the record, called "I Propose." The lovely cello part comes courtesy of Kristin Jarvis.

03 I Propose.mp3

We also have a new Facebook page -- drop by, have a cup of coffee, say hello.

Lots more to come soon. Please stay tuned.