home again, home again....

...and we had a great time all around. We met some wonderful people, saw some rocking bands, checked out some mind-blowing art and spent a little time in three really cool towns. We even got to see some family (thanks for coming, and for the pound cake!). We owe a big thanks to all the folks who helped us out along the way.

We hope you enjoyed the photos from the road. Obviously we didn't figure out how to actually add text to the posts, but it was easier that way, anyway. Look for many a photo from the trip to show up here in the future, though, possibly with a bit more info about our North Carolina odyssey...



and we're off.

Have we mentioned that we're just about to embark on a brief North Carolina sojourn? Hope to see you there; dates and places below.

And if the mood strikes, we might be blogging the trip - keep an eye out here over the next few days if you can't catch us in person.

May 23 2008 9:00P

--Flatiron (a bar for people who like this kind of bar) w/ Citified

--Greensboro, North Carolina

May 24 2008 9:00P

--Elliott's Revue

--Winston-Salem, North Carolina

May 25 2008 9:00P

--WE Fest @ The Soapbox

--Wilmington, North Carolina

We can't wait to see the Soapbox.


on the porch.

Ah, spring is really and truly here. And there's nothing better in springtime than jamming on the porch on a Sunday afternoon. That's how we came up with this tune, recorded with one little giant squid mic, running right into the laptop:

what on earth.

In other springtime news, we got a nice mention and a song played on a new Atlanta podcast from Walk to Run Records. They were sharp enough to notice that we're playing a few shows next weekend in the great state of North Carolina. If you're in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, or Wilmington, keep an eye out for us!


Less is more...

But is more of less more? This is about 17 minutes of live, unedited, improvised, um, I guess we'd call it "drone." If you hate it, blame Can, gamelan, and "Live-Evil." It's not our fault.

This was recorded on the same evening as the "domingo cinco" post below, by the same 3/5 of the band. Since we forgot to mention it before, the recording was done with a 57 on the keyboard amp, a 421 on the AC30, and our trusty M380 on the SVT, all through our 400B into the Delta 1010, w/ very minimal post-production.

Oh, and if it doesn't play on the site (which it probably won't), just right-click and download it. Enjoy!

to say we and mean I.