some local love (and a sad farewell).

You haven't heard from us for a while, but we're still around - we've just been busy with a lot of extra-rockular activities of late. Look for more content, more often, coming soon. We promise. And plan to come out and rock with us at the Star Bar on 4/19; we'll be playing with long-time pals long knives. In the meantime, you can busy yourself with some love from the local music press for our Dunch show this past Sunday (complete with nice photos!).

In other, very very sad news, one of our favorite local bands is no more: After years at the top of the Atlanta heap, Luigi has called it quits. Now who will we call when we need somebody to bring a real crowd out to one of our otherwise-sparsely-attended shows?

Here's hoping they all have good luck in their other efforts, and that they do a reunion show soon. Their endless fun, creativity, and catchy harmonies will be sorely missed.

In Luigi's honor, we give you the first non-Jupiter-Watts song to appear on our blog: "Ten Little Indians," written and performed in a single day by Space Key, the one-off band from 2005's Happenstance that featured current members of Luigi, Jupiter Watts, Parade, and the Howlies. Enjoy!

ten little indians.

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