Less is more...

But is more of less more? This is about 17 minutes of live, unedited, improvised, um, I guess we'd call it "drone." If you hate it, blame Can, gamelan, and "Live-Evil." It's not our fault.

This was recorded on the same evening as the "domingo cinco" post below, by the same 3/5 of the band. Since we forgot to mention it before, the recording was done with a 57 on the keyboard amp, a 421 on the AC30, and our trusty M380 on the SVT, all through our 400B into the Delta 1010, w/ very minimal post-production.

Oh, and if it doesn't play on the site (which it probably won't), just right-click and download it. Enjoy!

to say we and mean I.

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Zazous Project said...

Love your jam sessions...was just listenning to Crown nice work!

I am pretty new to Atlanta via Toronto. I was in a band up there, and now doing my own stuff. I toss some of it up on my blog. Look forward to seeing yu live!