happy anniversary, cadillac!

That's right, folks, our good friends Cadillac Jones are 10 years old (the band, not the guys, who probably average out to be a bit older than that). They've asked us to support the psych-funk madness this Saturday night at the Earl, where we'll open up for them and a smattering of DJs. We've shared rehearsal spaces, members, and even touring vans with Cadillac over the years, so we're happy to be helping them celebrate their 10th anniversary. Our is right around the corner(!), so we might be asking them to return the favor soon.

If you don't already know how awesome we are, check out the generous and well-photographed review of our last show from the good people at Evilsponge. If you don't already realize how fantastic Cadillac Jones is, then you must come out Saturday - they'll surely blow you away, whether you realize that you're a fan of psych-funk madness or not.

Fun starts 9:30ish, seeya there...

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