No mixes of late because we've been spending our meager time on overdubs. As anyone who's done any recording knows, this can be the most tedious stage of the process - for some parts, at least, you have to do it over and over until you get it right, which sometimes becomes less and less likely as you do it over and over. It can be lots of fun, too - you get to experiment with sounds, try new things, do stuff the band can't actually pull off live, and that sort of thing. So far, our experience has been a little bit of all of this, especially for the song we were working on this week. This one's been around for a long time, and we're still fiddling with it. In fact, the picture above features Clay trying to come up with a Wurlitzer part on the spot, which is always fun. It's a lot easier when you have great moral support helping you along, though:

Ramon is truly expert at yelling out chord changes and endlessly suggesting new and exciting variations of the same few notes.

You'll get a chance to judge the results fairly soon, but in the meantime we thought we'd put up a super-old version of the song, from when we first started working on it way back in 2007. It's interesting how much it hasn't changed, though some things have been added and some have been taken away since this very basic version was created. From the start, though, it's featured one of our favorite weird instruments: the melodica. It gets used by our local friends the Preakness, and, somewhat more famously, by one of our heroes, Augustus Pablo. It also turns out to be fairly hard to record well, but you'll hear more about that soon...

Here's the oldest demo version we have of what we once called "the melodica song:"

one by one (demo).

You'll be hearing a nicely-recorded version as soon as we make it sound nice.

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