ah, springtime.

Yep, it's really and truly everyone's favorite season now, and we couldn't resist suiting up in our springtime celebration garb and joining the parade at the Inman Park Festival. OK, we weren't really in the parade, but we were standing right there, and it was awesome.

Still, the parade was not quite as awesome as the backyard performance by our good friends Cadillac Jones, who really made it look easy, despite the unusually well-lit environs:

They even made it sound good, too.

We, on the other hand, accomplished nothing remotely useful over the beautiful weekend. Fortunately, though, we must have been vaguely productive at some point this past winter, when we spontaneously created yet another droney jam. Thus, in the spirit of springtime creativity, we offer:

yet another droney jam.

Enjoy it while you're enjoying the weather, and look for more from us soon...

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