another one from the vaults.

That's right, this is another old one we've dug up, but only from this past December. (Hey, we can't come up with something new every week, can we?) From the same general temporal/sonic neighborhood as "buddha machine music," it was also recorded with just two mics in the room, though we only used actual instruments this time. Unusual for a totally spontaneous jupiter watts jam, this song features a chord change or two (ok, maybe it's just one). It also includes what may be the first ever appearance of the new crazy-random-static keyboard sound that we can't stop using now.

We really like how the song starts out great, then sorta falls apart, then really gets going, then ends with us praising ourselves, obviously having forgotten the whole falling-apart-in-the-middle thing. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did...

little buddha.

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